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Although Sterling Management is usually associated with accountants, Sterling CPA advice is not the only type the firm offers.  In fact, chiropractors have benefitted immensely from the advice and help of firm advisers and the proven, scientific strategies that are shown to increase profits and productivity almost instantly.

What Is the Purpose of The Workshops?

The firm offers regional workshops on a regular basis for chiropractors and their staff.  It is recommended that everyone in the office attend the workshop in order to make the implementation of these new strategies work smoothly.

The purpose of these workshops is to integrate the efforts of all of the staff.  The workshops promote a better understanding of what is necessary for each individual to succeed as well as how each person can contribute to corporate success.  There are also ways to realistically expand the practice; these are discussed in depth, with every employee taking ownership of his or her part in this expansion.

The curriculum for the workshops includes the following topics:

  • "Hats" and Job Descriptions-The first part of the seminar focuses on defining job duties and descriptions.  Do your employees know what is expected of them?  Do you know how to measure their performance so that you are aware of which employees are producing and which are not?  Do you know how to communicate your expectations so employees have a chance to improve their performance?  These topics will all be covered in the initial sections of the workshop.

  • Management by Statistics-It is not enough to "think" you understand your practice.  You must work to gather reliable, statistical information that gives you an accurate picture of what you are doing.  When you begin to manage by statistics, you always know that you are handling things the right way based on the productivity of your staff.  If productivity goes down, it is usually easy to spot the reason and correct it quickly.

  • Organizing Board-The concept of the organizing board has been used in business for years, but these workshops put a new spin on this old concept by bringing it down to the level of your business's daily operations.  Learn how you can put this concept to work to make your employees happier and more productive.

  • Emotional Tone Scale-This test is one of the most valuable you can use in determining how your employees are reacting to various situations in your practice.  Once you identify the emotional tone of your employees, you will know what needs to be done to improve their performance or, in worst-case scenarios, to remove them from your office.

  • Collections-There is no business without money, and no money without collections.  You and your staff will learn how to collect money from those who owe you with the least possible expenditure on your own part.

  • Communication-Communication is the foundational cornerstone of any business.  Learn how you and your staff may be miscommunicating.

  • Personnel - Hiring & Training-Learn how to hire and train the right people for the job.

These and other topics are all covered in these incredible workshops and seminars.

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